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  3. Facility owners and operators constantly navigate various challenges, aiming to streamline operations while ensuring a top-notch experience for athletes and patrons. Here are five ways in which the right technology can significantly impact the day-to-day operations of sports facilities, enhance the overall experience for your participants, level up your clubs or leagues, and set yourself up for long-term growth. Read on→
  4. Welcome to the SportsEngine Community! We're incredibly excited to have you here. About our community Each forum allows you to interact with other youth sports administrators to troubleshoot, exchange ideas, or provide feedback. Get exclusive access to new features, partner collaborations, and feedback opportunities in this space. Inclusivity for all This community is meant to thrive through collaboration, kindness, and consideration. Please be respectful when responding to prompts and other contributors' posts. We are working to foster an inclusive environment for all. No solicitations This space is meant to learn and collaborate more around improve the world of youth sports. Refraining from solicitation fosters a respectful atmosphere in a community forum. Members can focus on constructive discussion and mutual support rather than promoting personal agendas or products. You will be removed from this community for soliciting any products not affiliated or associated with SportsEngine, Inc. Quick links The community is meant for support from other administrators and coaches like you! In an effort to streamline any support requests, please bookmark and save the following links: Support For any questions related to your team—such as registration or payments—please reach out directly to your organization. If you need immediate SportsEngine HQ or Motion account support, please log in to your website & click on the blue ‘Need Help?’ button to start a conversation with support. All other inquiries: Visit our platform support center Help center https://help.sportsengine.com/en/ https://help.sportsengine.com/en/articles/7942912-how-to-access-help-resources Training camp https://www.sportsengine.com/training-camp Product updates https://sportsengine.social/product-releases Podcast https://discover.sportsengineplay.com/for-the-love-of-sport-podcast Webinar Library https://www.sportsengine.com/resources/blog/video-webinar-library
  5. The new Backoffice Calendar in SportsEngine Motion is one of the many steps on a long journey ahead to creating a more unified, connected experience across all your SportsEngine accounts. Here's a sneak peek at why you're going to love this new feature. Dive in→
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  7. In our March 7th episode of "For The Love of Sport," hosts Simon and Marie are joined by Danette Leighton, CEO of the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF)—just in time for Women's History Month. Dive into the key insights and full episode here →
  8. Securing information on registration platforms in the digital era is a must, especially for fun-filled activities like gymnastics or swimming. Whether you're managing events, lessons, or any registration-driven adventure, implementing security measures is key. Here's a guide on keeping things secure while making a splash in the world of youth sports, including the crucial importance of choosing a PCI Level 1 compliant provider. Read on: https://www.sportsengine.com/blog/dive-safety-ensuring-fun-and-secure-registration-youth
  9. Hey @Sabres Archery! We had a team member reach out to you. They're waiting to hear back if you'd like to check-in. If you need further assistance regarding RSVP feel free to connect with other admins on our Season Management forum found here: https://community.sportsengine.com/forum/17-season-management/ This events forum is more for our upcoming webinars and announcements. Hope this helps!
  10. Thank you again for your feedback, we're escalating this to our support team - if you'd like to quickly reach our support team in the future please login to your Admin account from our homepage or your website and click the blue Need Help? button to open a live chat.
  11. Hi @HPBAadmin, thanks for these inputs. I will share quickly with our LGA and HQ teams for feedback. Appreciate this!
  12. Hey @freezinKT - the RSVP functionality should still be there. If it's not working, please let us know. It could be a bug. Here's a quick review of setting up RSVP reminders and review of how the people invited can RSVP. I hope this helps.
  13. Hi @Pete Dunne, it looks like your team has not completed the onboarding checklist in your SportsEngine account yet. Please login to your account and review the checklist to ensure proper setup for the new season. Here's the walkthrough for Division setup > If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact your account manager or support@sportsengine.com.
  14. Hey @freezinKT, we had a site interruption. Product released an email with a status update. Have they attempted logging back in today? Also, are you adding on the mobile app or desktop?
  15. Hi Tyler, What team is this for? Happy to look into setup quickly. It looks like there are three teams under you at the moment.
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