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  1. Also says AT when at a neutral site which is the problem of confusing parents
  2. I have a day job and coach in the evenings. I take advantage of Friday nights and the weekends to do the bulk of my work in SE. I FREQUENTLY run into issues and chat only yields a response of "Be Back Monday". Why does SE not staff the weekends using staggered work weeks? Your not doing that makes my weekends unproductive now. Does not work the way I work. What can be done on that?
  3. I want to put a graphic or image on a web page. How do I do that? Sample graphic attached
  4. I have added games through the app including location and location notes (Field #) and updated. then I go back to look and the location and field are gone. I also add opponent and it reports the game as AT "OPPONENT" despite it NOT being there but at a different location. App should say VS "opponent" not AT "opponent". Very easy fix
  5. I cannot send text messages to registrants in a program- must get them to download the app and log in to the app (added steps to participate). League athletics provided this feature but new site does not
  6. It would be nice if we could fix this. I may make some noise up the chain to see if anyone cares. Thank you!
  7. League Athletics allowed me to send a payment due email (BALANCE REPORT menu item) with a link to a very convenient ONLINE credit card form so the payment went through that system. Can that be done in SE or would I need to collect any credit card payments in another method (such as Square)? I would think SE would want the transaction.
  8. I think the point was missed here. In LA, when a team registered for a tournament, they could choose the age division they are playing in which was pre configured by my in the Seasons, divisions portion of League Athletics. I was able to link the team reg to this season and divisions and allow then to pick. I am hoping this is something that can added to the SE platform. Goes the same for players that later sign in to complete an online waiver. In LA, once a team was registered in the division, it would then be live through the player register and assign himself to the team. This was an extremely helpful functionality as program directors could access the team roster and see who did or did not complete the waiver. Thoughts on all?
  9. I was able to do this in League Athletics for my tournaments but no longer can in SE.
  10. I was able to do this in League Athletics for my tournaments. Don't see how to do that now in SE>
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