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  1. As of right now, when coaches input scores into the app, they do not update the microsite, is there something I am missing? Why have scoring in app if it's non-functional for standings purposes?
  2. This needs to be fixed ASAP, parents are missing events because of this new view. The reliability in the old app was fine, how do you not thing about user experience when designing an app for users?
  3. #2 is is HUGE issue. This calendar interface is awful for families trying to figure out when things are. Bring back standings in app. Parents should not have to use the app and go to a non-mobile friendly website to view all the information.
  4. Please add all the features back to the app for standings and viewing events in a list. The parents can't make plans without scrolling through multiple weeks and clicking on each day individually. This has to be the least user friendly "update" of all time.
  5. Our season is about to start... any work on bringing back standings in app?
  6. I would LOVE to go back. This new "beta" is terrible. Nothing works well and you can't rely on anything. Games and scores go missing.
  7. Our winter rec season was in the old system. We were changed over to "Season Management" without being asked or told. Now we have a barely functioning app that doesn't communication with the new micro-site. Here are two screenshots of the app, one from this winter, with all the features, most important of them is STANDINGS. 2nd screenshot is the new teams, which only have schedule, roster and chat. The standings are live, as I can see them on the micro-site, but nothing in app. Nothing updated in app gets pushed to HQ either. So when a coach updates their game time, if they don't tell me, the microsite will say one thing and the app another. Scores also don't move app to microsite/HQ. I have to hold my phone and look at what the coaches did and then type them into the computer, then publish. How can I fix this so parents aren't missing games depending on where they look? Why did they take working features and break them?
  8. See Screenshots. My location information is unreadable in app. Even though I have carefully created it in HQ, it appears as code/gibberish to parents in app. Additionally on the microsite, it doesn't display the address, only the site name and a clickable link that tries to open a map app on the desktop.
  9. So I'm trying to stay calm on this whole thing, but "Season Management" might drive us off the platform. When a coach updates a score in app and saves it as "FINAL" it does not appear on the micro site or the HQ. I have to look up the game on my phone, then "Score Game" in HQ. Then I have to click "PUBLISH." Even then, sometimes the game score just disappears again. Also, a huge frustration is that the app no longer displays standings. So parents have to RSVP to games in the app, then visit a website for game outcomes and standings? Makes ZERO sense.
  10. This is driving us crazy. We can't create leagues in the old tool and the new one doesn't work. Does anyone have a fix?
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