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  1. Sam Q, contactus@riseatlsports.com, RISE ATL Sports
  2. Here are a couple of things you can try if you haven't figured it out already. 1. When you attach the sales item set the amount of quantity to sell per item, (see pic) if you set the number to 6 per say it should allow you to buy up to six on the one registration. 2. Request help from sports engine when you login to your account and request to speak to someone with your issue. The response takes about 24 hours but they should get back in touch with you.
  3. @Kelsey Erwin Just updated my Iphone and see the newer version of the app. According to the product updates, stats and standings were added back to the app. 2 issues. 1. Stats seems to be missing 2. Standings do not reflect the microsite
  4. @Marie Fitzgerald I just wanted to know in the product updates for March it says standings and stats are back on Mobile if you have Season Management. I s this true? If so how do we get that activated. This has been a major request by our customers.
  5. This is an ongoing bug and there is no easy fix. We don't run a league as large as yours but this is what I would advise. 1. Manually have the game scores saved off on a game sheet or in excel for each game as a hard copy backup. We print out the game schedule everyweek and write down the scores on there. I keep them during the season just in case. 2. IF you look at your games scheduled, do all the games have scores? What I found with us is I would score a game and save it. Sync it then come to find the system zero out the game. So the game shows completed and I scored it but it didnt recognize in the standings. I would then go back and change the game status to in progress score the game again then change to completed. After syncing I verify the score/standings have changed. I have the microsite open on another tab so its a quick look to verify the changes have been made. You can filter by week or date etc..to narrow it down easier. see pic 3. Hit the feed back button(SEE PIC) within season management, leave a one star with the issue your having, this is what I did when having the stats issue last year. I did press the button about every other week to escalate the issue as well. Probably not what you wanted to hear but as of now this is what I have done, when the issue arises.
  6. Does anyone know of a way to Export stats in Season Management. Currently running a basketball league season and there is no rhyme or reason on how the stats are ranked. I would expect them to be in numerical order, as the person who has the most points would be number 1 etc.. The player with the most overall points is number 7, even with no rhyme or reason as to why. Also the stats kept FTM,FGM,3PM,PTS are not in order either. Total points is the second column when it should be the last. and 1, 2, 3 pointers are also not in order.
  7. This is how I set ours up, Yours may be a little more intricate. Everyone pretty much gets a card option and a cashapp option, either one will allow registration to complete without issue. The cashapp version will register as a "payment" and will complete registration normally. Yea I don't blame you Sports Engine really screwed the pooch, shows what happens when a company gets too big they tend to forget how they got there.
  8. Not sure if the information is still useful, but have you tried creating a storeitem as a zero fee? we have a CashApp option where folks can complete registration and it "wont ask for payment". Then they can zelle or cashapp the payment at a later date. Like I said it works for us and if you want I can send screen shots. Hope it helps
  9. I did a test recording and sent out the film to others and they were able to view, but my main issue still applies as to how you record the games and the upload process.
  10. Also if possible get screen captures of the screen and errors if you're able to. Most computers have a snipping tool where you can get screen grabs. It helps the programming team when diagnosing issues. We're hoping alot of the issues will get resolved soon.
  11. Just got a free account and did some test runs. We are looking to implement it for our Spring Flag Football, and Basketball leagues. We are looking for suggestions and tips and tricks on a way to hit the ground running. Also what are you using to record games? It seems the only option is to use a tablet or iphone with service connected or wifi enabled.
  12. I actually prefer matthews method lol, a lot cleaner and easier to to implement
  13. You can set up a custom questions where the question is pick a day inside the registration asking what day would you prefer, then have them place the number next to the day. This is a crude way to do it but will get the results you want. Also make sure to update the report label field if using for reporting later.
  14. Thanks for the information, we plan to exclusively be on HS Turf fields or if we have to use grass either getting lined or buying the port-a-field system we have used it in the past. I've saved off the adidas bag and will stick to pro down pylons from now on. We have skillz? I think we just found the cheapest ones and went with it. We use BSN for our triple threat flags so they are definitely a trusted provider. Let me know if its okay to pass along the details to the supplier and I will. https://hastthou.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.12243863.0.0.73093e5fhXjXTs, that is their website details so you can check them out. They also do our championship rings as well.
  15. Yep looks like that was part of the fix/update, definitely makes it easier to manage seasons thanks for the update
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