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Found 3 results

  1. Adding the ability to buy a physical item like spirit wear or shooter shirts in registration is simple. You create the question, add answers by size and attach the sale items to each answer. You can even control the total inventory by using the Limit quantity to sell option to make sure you don't sell more items than you have on hand. However, have you ever wanted to allow a family to buy more than 1 of any item? By using the Quantity to Sell by Answer option in combination with numeric answers, you can allow families to buy multiples of any single item. How to Set Up Create a question for each size of each item you'd like to sell. In my example, I created three questions for shooter shirts (S, M, and L). Set the answer type to be a Pull Down. Create answers for each multiple you'd like families to be able to purchase; I chose from 1 – 5. After your question is created, you can now attach the sale item. My sale item is a $20.00 shooter shirt. Make sure you input the total number you have available per size. In my example, I have 20 shirts of each size. For each of answer, set the Quantity to Sell to match the value in the drop down. When a registrant selects that item, that number is automatically added to their order and the cost is multiplied. Repeat this process for each answer and each size until you've built out your store. While it isn't a full Shopify store, it's a simple way to integrate swag or other items that you might want to allow families to buy multiples of. Do you have any other examples of items that would make sense to use the Quantity to Sell by Answer?
  2. When creating a new registration, best practices are to use the Core Profile Data. When you use the profile data questions, that information is automatically synced over to each member's profile thereby keeping your member directory up to date. There are two groups of profile data that you can choose from. They are Min Fields and All Fields. SE Profile - Participant (Min Fields) First Name Middle Name Last Name Date of Birth Gender SE Profile - Participant (All Fields) First Name Middle Name Last Name Date of Birth Gender Phone Additional Phone Email Email Address 2 Address Address 2 City State / Province Zip / Postal Code Country Player Image We recommend that you use the All Fields version. You can choose whether to require a field or not once it is added to the form. How do I create a new registration? Can the SportsEngine Team build my registration?
  3. Does anyone know of a way to set a cap limit per division on a registration so when that division fills up it closes but allows the others to continue? Also how do you add a late fee once you hit a certain date? Thanks
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