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Helping Users Edit a Registration

Mike Kaczmarek


We use a single registration form to collect player information as well as parent\guardian contact information.


I'm trying to streamline the process for helping users self-serve managing their registration so I created a self service page. The user can:

1. Create a registration if they are new to the program

2. Lookup their existing registration if they need to verify their data

3. Edit their registration if data needs to be updated


The create registration is a straightforward link to the registration form.


For the lookup of an existing registration:


Is there any way to get better, more consistent phone number formatting? The phone fields don't seem to offer a template mask and the phone verification doesn't check format so we end up with all sorts of combinations of numbers, commas, blanks, hyphens and parentheses which makes a lookup by phone number difficult


For Editing an existing registration:


I believe I can use the link https://app.sportngin.com/user/registrations to point the user to the list of the registrations they have, but then they need to select the specific registration form they want to edit. 


Is there a way to give them a link to a specific registration form they can edit so that I can take the guess work out for them?


Here's the page I'm working on: https://www.kangfootball.com/signup


Any suggestions would be appreciated!




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Hey mikekaz,


What you can do is send people to https://app.sportngin.com/user/profiles which should prompt them to login and change/update any "profile" info they have (address, phone, email etc). Phone numbers on a profile are standardized with the (XXX) XXX-XXXX format. Probably easier than having them go through their registration to find it. 


Now, if they need to update any info you collected in the registration that isn't a part of their profile, they'll need to go to the registration to do that. 





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This is great info thanks!  I have been trying to do the exact same thing.


Question on getting new players/parents info into SportsEngine for the first time.


I was told that when creating registrations for new player/parent the registration setup should always be OTHER.  I clicked on https://www.kangfootball.com/signup and I noticed that this registration is SELF.


I was told that if you use SELF then the player and the parent will not be connected, so I am confused here.  


Jim can you please clarify SELF vs OTHER and the proper way to for me to make a simple mailing list registration for new members.  I just want the player name, his cell, his email, and the main parent name, their cell, and their email all to go into their new SE Account Profile properly.  


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Good Question.

Each parent creates an account which has profiles connected to it. Think of how Netlfix sets up their profiles.

Each account then has a profile for the parent "Self Profile" and one for each of their kids.

Your registration can be set to allow for "Self" profiles to be registered (ie. the registrant is registering themselves like a coach registration) AND/OR "Other" profiles which means that the account can register any of the profiles in their account (ie. a program registration where parents are registering kids).

Here's the selector in the Registration 


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