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Sending invite from Team Center roster doesn't populate email address

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I registered 900+ players by driving the player registration page with a java ChromeDriver application that I wrote. I did this because there is no tool available to import player data into a registration and we get our registrant data in a spreadsheet from our local county.

Now I am trying to invite players to claim their profiles. When I do this from the team roster in Team Center, the email address doesn't get populated. 

When I find the same profile from the member directory the email is automatically filled in and sending invites is easy. However the players aren't all listed together like team center.
The team center roster should fill in the registered email when invite is selected. It is ridiculous to have to type them in again when they are in the profile.



Team Center





Member Directory









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Yes, everyone was added via the rostering tool


I now have to go to the member directory and choose the group for the team roster and send invites from there.


But I'm having problems there too because I have 4 players who no matter how many times I invite them it never shows pending.




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Ok, here's the situation. And first, for anyone reading this, I recommend reading this post I made that talks about Accounts and Profiles in SportsEngine. 


When you added this data to SportsEngine, all of the "people" you created in the system are "unclaimed profiles". Meaning, the names are in there along with the data, but they aren't tied to an actual SportsEngine account. 


What happens next is that, when you send the invite from Members, the person receiving it will be prompted to claim the profile OR to create an account and asked if the PROFILE they are being invited to claim is for them, or if it is a for a player/child. When they do all of that (and hopefully they claim it as a player/child), the email address/member status should show up as a member in TeamCenter. 


The account and profile connections are almost always set up through a registration so not sure if the product team addressed the idea of unclaimed profiles existing in a registration, and thus rostering. I'll need to dig deeper and will be sharing this with them. 


Will post an update here when I have it. 







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