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Team Managers Messaging via Website

Don Seiler

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Good morning,


As we're getting into our season, I'm preparing to teach our team managers how to make the most out of SportsEngine. That definitely includes using the mobile app for messaging and RSVPs. However I know some (including myself) would prefer typing emails on a real keyboard and not a phone.


As the site admin, obviously I can go into the People module and select a given team and send a message. Is this something that team managers can do without having to give them site admin privileges?

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Hey there,


Great question - every team that is set up on SportsEngine has access to TeamCenter, which is essentially all of the functionality you have on the Mobile App, within a desktop view. Every team admin will have access to TeamCenter if they have access to their team on the Mobile App.


Take a look at this help article - https://sportngin.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2027482-team-management-guide?b_id=15976 - it should walk your managers through how to access TeamCenter for their teams. 




- Marie

Marie Fitzgerald

Director, Product Marketing

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I looked at the coach's profile for his team roles, and he was indeed listed as a team coach. I then look at the permissions on the team page and I see all coaches are listed as owners. So that seems right.


I've asked him to double-check that he was logged in under his own account.


I was also adding team managers. We have two for one of our teams, I added them as staff via email and they opted in. However when I look at their member profiles, they aren't listed as being staff on any team, and aren't owners on the team page. I can try to provide some screen shots later.

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This was exactly right. He was originally on the home page. He went to the team page and he could see all that.


The other issue is team managers now. I still don't see them listed in the Permissions tab as owners, like I do with the coaches. The difference being that the managers were added via specifying names and emails rather than via the Rostering module (we did registration for coaches but not team managers).

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