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  1. In my professional tech opinion, dedicated third party tools like SignUpGenius are better than Dibs. If Dibs were in the app, and would actively integrate with the game schedule instead of being a bulk upload requiring manual changes when games are rescheduled, I might change my mind.
  2. Perhaps the system has changed in the year since this original post, but the steps as described are incorrect. Following those will actually give you a list of players who have registered for both seasons. If you want to find the list of players yet to register this year, you choose "Entry Status is Active" for the prior season as described, but for your current season you need to choose the "Registration Submitted" field and the "Registration Not Submitted" value.
  3. Honest question -- what's the value proposition of SE Play over Gamechanger, since GC does streaming but SE does not have a scoring feature?
  4. I have done this for some of our younger baseball divisions where we have enough kids to support it AND where we don't do a draft. But I asked the question in a slightly different way that gives me maximum information to align preferences, but still gives me the majority of control: Operationally, I sort all the kids into buckets based on their critical conflicts and assign those teams first. The last ones to be assigned are the kids with the most flexibility.
  5. We're a 600+ player baseball/softball league with over a dozen fields...that workaround won't cut it. Honestly this is such a fundamental need that I'm baffled that SE hasn't built it yet. The "Locations" functionality is ultra-rudimentary, and there's no security around it such that any coach can add any field to their schedule, and it shows up on the master list. Which prevents the ability to flag field conflicts. I have to continually go in and delete dupes. Its a ridiculous pain point, and forces us to use a spreadsheet as the ultimate source of truth. It's crazy.
  6. Thanks, I am recalling now that they are using a graph db. I'm a tech exec now, but used to be a SQL and C# developer (among a few other languages). I have a to-do to get API access and play around with that...unfortunately have spent too much time coaching lately and not enough on league stuff like this. Really appreciate the help! You'll probably see me a lot more active on this forum in the near future as I seek to figure out if SE is our permanent league tool (migration from Sports SignUp Play happened prior to me joining our board) or if I need to evaluate competitors. Each has its pros and cons, and there's a time cost for switching, so I'm thinking we may be able to get away with supplementing SE with a few integrations (centralized facility calendar + player eval tool are the two big ones for us). But there are also some annoying bugs that I need to close the loop on...
  7. @Rob Bedeaux revisiting your comment above related to Core Profile data. I have an open question in another thread about accessing profile data within Registrations: Per your comments, am I correct in understanding that best practice should be: Parents should sign in as part of the registraton process, which automatically associates their existing profile to the registration Parents should also subsequently associate their player's profile to the registration Registrations should not have new custom fields to capture core profile data, since that would conflict with the profile data as the "source of truth" If those assumptions are correct, how do we show this core profile data on the registration report? It is not accessible in the "Fields" section of the reports (as mentioned in my other thread linked above). Conversely, is there a way to make Core Profile data viewable/updateable within the Registration workflow (once associated) such that it gets pulled into the reports automatically?
  8. Yep, that's exactly the issue. I'm seeking to avoid having to ask the same repetitive questions in every registration, such as parent/player name, since the source of truth for that should be the Player/Parent profiles that are attached to the registration entry. If I had access to the underlying database, I would imagine this is a simple SQL join to the "People" table to pull that data. Unfortunately these data elements do not seem to be exposed in the "Fields" section of the report.
  9. As part of our registration process, we require parents to be logged in and have their player set up as a "Person" in the system. This seems to work really well so that we don't have to ask the same questions about the player's name, birthdate, etc every season. It also eliminates mistakes by having a single source of truth for parents and players. However I have been unable to figure out how to access that data within the registration reports. There is clearly the "Entry" column that I can click on, which sends me to the detail for that individual registration. It shows the "SportsEngine Account" (parent name) and "Entry Filled out for (player name), and you can click on either of those to get to the individual person's profile page. This is helpful if researching one individual registration record, but I cannot figure out how to access the Entry and Person fields to include that info in bulk on the report. There is also a "Player Profile" checkbox within the "Extra Data" section of the report builder, however all that does is add a column that shows a clickable "Player Profile" link for each registration. Clicking that changes the text to "No Players Found".
  10. I am seeking instructions on how to properly set up a Tournament in SportsEngine. There is a marketing page dedicated to this (https://www.sportsengine.com/solutions/capabilities/organize/tournaments) however I am not finding anything within SE HQ that aligns to these needs. I also cannot find any online instructions or posts within this community about the steps to set one up. Help?
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