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  1. I don't know myself, but if you want to attach a sample of the reports (maybe give the kids fake names or something) I'd be happy to take a look and maybe be able to come up with some kind of vlookup-type logic?
  2. If I'm thinking of the same thing as @freezinKT then you would go into Competition > Season Management > Click "Teams" on the Season you're looking to administer. That will show you all your Teams and their visibility status (i.e. - the "Team status"). Then use the screenshot below to navigate the rest of the way. And this is the help text from the Info button on the Teams Page: Controls how the team is viewed in the mobile app and Team Center. Inactive - not searchable, Private - only rostered individuals, Public - searchable for all.
  3. I'm always happy to take advice and suggestions ... thanks for circling back with the additional notes! Below is how we attach our sale items. On one of the upstream screens the user specifies the kid's grade, and based on that I restrict which option shows up in the Division widget: Each Division prices differently and I think that might be where we're different. To align how you have yours I think I'd need a separate question for the Division (since that's the most important piece of data in my Registration) and then a Radio list like above where I add a 5th entry of "Pay Offline". Thus the entry field above then becomes a tracker of "how-they-paid-and-coincidentally-their-Division-if-they-pay-via-card" and each person would see two options of "Pay Offline" and the grade-specific Division. I've often thought that I don't really need the Division at all because the Division is just a function of the grade (e.g. - a 5th Grader will always be in the "Majors (5G/6G)" Division), but having it does make it more straightforward for rolling up the data and sorting during Team creation. If I could find a way to default the value conditionally then I could suppress it all together, and pretty easily / cleanly move to what you are suggesting and what I talked about above with a 5-option field. Thanks again for sharing.
  4. Right now we have a structure where you register for the sport and then the fee gets set based on the Division, and the Division is automatically set based on the Grade you choose (i.e. - I hide any Division which doesn't match the Grade chosen), so I can't quite envision how this would work? I could see if we went all-or-nothing where everyone did cashapp, but not on a case-by-case basis. Or do you prompt the user if they want to pay offline and then have two different versions of your Division Question? One with sale items attached and then one without? Though that feels like it would make things harder data side since those would be two separate fields in the Registration data. I'd be interested to hear more, but don't stress over it. Unfortunately at this point we've resolved we'll soon be moving to a new platform.
  5. Yup, and no two platforms are exactly the same for sure. I was just trying to offer an item that has caused some heartache and might be cool to have that 'Group By' design I mocked up as part of the platform. I imagine a lot of LA alumni are in the same boat where getting counts takes a few extra steps.
  6. Right, but I need counts. If you get a second have a look at the screenshot I mocked up. I mean, I could sort by Division but that doesn't tell me how many kids are in that Division. Previously on LA we had a separate Registration per Division because it was a different fee for each so anytime I looked at the main Registration page it told me the counts. This wasn't my site, but something I grabbed off the Internet to use as an illustration of what a 'Group By' feature would get you back that was sort-of there in LA:
  7. Right but then I need to have and run nine reports, right? Most of our seasons have a PreK, 1G/2G, 3G/4G/ 5G/6G for Girls and then the same for Boys so that would be 9 reports (PreK isn't separated by gender) and then I'd need to view the nine to collect the data. With a 'Group By' option I'd get it in one shot.
  8. I wanted to circle back on this one just to try to address the, "Why?" In SE I like that I can have one Registration for everyone, and then attach the fee based on the Division chosen by the registrant - in this way SE has an edge over LA because in LA I would have needed separate Registrations to charge separate fees. However, one thing I didn't see coming with a commingled athlete population is that I lost the ability to easily see how many kids were registered for my, "Boys' 3G/4G Basketball" division, or my "Girls' 1G/2G Basketball" division. Now, in order to do that, I need to save the data locally and pull it into a pivot table. I don't know if this is a feature which has been suggested before, but it would be great to have a 'Group By' option on the Report. It would require some validation logic since the 'Group By' would render the 'Fields' and 'Sort' parts of the report moot (and vice versa), but here's what I put together as a mock-up using MS Paint:
  9. With hopes of keeping content in one area for SE and others who might come along later, these are some items which caught me off guard: I spend 25% of my time saving the data, importing it into Google Sheets, and then being productive with it Inability to allow someone to register without paying. I know this one seems counter-intuitive, but when we were on LA I would say that 5-10% of our registrations were people who signed up and then we just hounded them for money over the course of the season. Certainly not perfect, but I'd rather that than a child not play The model where it seems like SE was built on some existing point-of-sale system and if it can't be done in a point-of-sale system it can't be done. I don't like how much work I need to do in order to scholarship a child, create a family discount, etc. Data fidelity - we still (?) seem to have people register as members and the data we see of theirs in Season Management is not consistent (at one point we had 15 of our 60 Basketball kids show up with a gender of 'Unspecified') In fairness I haven't played with the Auto Groups yet, but I feel like it's going to be really hard to send emails to multiple registrations. That it's going to end up with people getting multiple copies of the same email. With LA I could select all the Registrations I wanted to include - for example highlighting the past three years' worth of sports - and know that each person got one email. That it was a union of those folks and not sending one copy to each person per registration. I still don't understand how SE doesn't have an 'opt out' setting at the account level. I believe this violates the CAN-SPAM Act ... the answer to, "How do I opt out?," cannot be, "Delete your account." There appears to be lots of thinly-covered topics in the way of documentation, and virtually every link on our site was broken when we got it (e.g. - references to helpful material) Inability to add additional recipients when sending emails. For example, most of the messages I send also need to go to the Snack Shack Coordinator; however, if she doesn't have a kid registered then she doesn't get the email. It's a pain to have to remember to forward her stuff afterwards. Some fields I cannot modify like Grade? I need PreK ... asking people to register their 3-year-old as Kindergarten makes no sense to them and then I get questions. I don't see a way to do reporting across registrations, only within a registration And each League is different, but of the items previously mentioned these are ones which have caused us the most grief: Inability to unregister a player once payment has been received Lack of an auto-incrementing age/grade The issues with the App Lack of recurring events; buggy-ness of conflict checking (we keep getting messages that events conflict, but then can't get at them to be able to delete them) Inability to have late fees kick in on a configured date The fact that everything now seems to be an up-sell ... that it seems the base features are just there to check a box and that add-ons are the only way to have a usable platform And our background: we're a small league with about 350 registrations each year. We run four seasons with Basketball in the Winter, Soccer + Baseball in the Spring, Baseball in the Summer, Soccer + Flag in the Fall. Most of our sports recruit from the other sports so while we have 350 registrations annually there are probably only 200 unique athletes. We're all volunteers and each sport has a Director who usually did the team construction, messaging, etc., but with how Season Management works a lot of that has now fallen on me as the Web Admin because of how cumbersome, error-prone, and feature-deficient it is.
  10. As the operators we already pay you $800 per year + $2 per credit card swipe + a rake of 3.5% per transaction - the app should be ad-free, you're getting paid out of their Registration fee.
  11. But you need a Pro subscription to use the API, correct (outside of Connected Apps)? Can you share what percentage of Organizations have that level? The API seems like it would be really useful, but the cost of the Pro tier is not in our budget.
  12. Or you could invert what @riseatl suggest and have the questions be: What is your 1st preferred practice day? [Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri] What is your 2nd preferred practice day? [Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri] etc. And while the text field would work I'd probably go with a dropdown just so you don't get people creating their own numbering scheme and giving you an answer of 9 3/4 or something. If you go with either of the two ways mentioned you may want to include a '0' value so that people can say they aren't available on a given day so you can know the difference between, "I'd rather not practice that night, but I can make it work," compared to, "If you have practice that night my player won't be able to attend because of conflict." Just my 2c, but if you're looking to create teams based on preferred practice days you might want to just capture the top two days or something. In general there's no way to accommodate everyone's needs. Second step will be making sense of the data you get from the Registration and you'll probably need to use Google Sheets or Excel to do that - feel free to message me if you want a hand with that as there's lots of tricks you can do there with formulas, etc., if needed.
  13. I hit the shed today and the brand of pylon we use is Pro Down. I like them a lot. I couldn't find the weight on the box or the tag, but I threw it on a scale here at the house and each pylon weighs four pounds. We use ten of them per field -- four for each endzone and then one on either side of midfield. And then the Umbro Soccer bag works really well for carrying them around as the bag has a flat bottom so they all sit on their bases in the bag. I'm not sure what material is in the pylon to weigh it down - I'm guessing sand - but I'm pretty sure it's in its own pouch in the pylon as if you flip the pylon upside-down the material stays put, and I think this helps it to stay bottom heavy. We do have one pylon where I think the inner pouch broke, but I'm willing to bet that's because one of the kids tried to dropkick it, or some other thing that kids do when coaches aren't looking, lol. I'm not sure where we got our pylons, but the Pro Down ones don't have a huge presence on the Internet it seems (though they are on walmart.com) - looks like a box-of-4 ranges from $65-$80 so a pretty large front-loaded cost. That said, I think they're worth it and they really make the field look cool. This Adidas bag is kind of expensive (in my opinion), but you can see the shape I was talking about above. I did find some cheaper ones out there, but spending money might be a good idea as it's a one-time investment and I doubt the cheaper ones are going to do well holding 40lbs of pylons since most people use them to hold a couple pounds of soccer balls. We've had the same pylons and bags since the league started in 2016: https://www.amazon.com/adidas-Team-Stadium-Black-White/dp/B076PGTRF4/ref=sr_1_32?crid=191WEAF8GO2G4&keywords=umbro+soccer+bag+team+gear&qid=1702148769&sprefix=umbro+soccer+bag+team+gea%2Caps%2C129&sr=8-32 One last thought on the field, if you can get the turf that will save you on paint (if you planned to paint the other field). This year we ran three fields from early September until the end of October (they each got painted on Saturday) and that's where the $2,300 in field lining came from in the post where I shared our expenses. We had a slush truck at one of our Jamborees one year and that was pretty cool. That was a full day and we made $185 in commission. Good idea with tiering the playoffs based on how the teams finish - this year our largest Division had five teams so we'd need to grow quite a bit to have that as an option. :) Your jerseys are sharp and thanks for the nod on the logo design - if you can get the girl to get back to me that would be a huge help. lol.
  14. For the second one that's generally frowned upon by the Internet - essentially spoofing a From Address. It was certainly popular at once time, but not really these days. However, that said, you could always just create an account in SE using the winterdevelopment@myorg.com account as the login and share the account password with the people who need it. It's kind of roundabout, but probably your best bet to avoid having your emails get picked up by spam filters. On the first one, I miss the ability to have 'extra' recipients as well (even if not automatic).
  15. I have to image it's a fluke. We only have one season, and it's active, so I'm not really a good comparison, but it does look like there's a hook for grouping past seasons. Maybe it was a fix applied after you were in there? And when I flip to that tab I get different filters: Manually Archived, Expired
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