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  1. It is unthinkable that you would sunset LA and NOT have the features it had. Everyone is now looking at LeagueApps, Demospehere, SportsConnect, etc. The inability to autoroster during player/coach signups is an absolute DEALBREAKER for me and I'm sure many others once they figure it out. LA was not perfect, but you just needed to build a better mousetrap, not replace it. I'd suggest you figure this out quick!
  2. I was one of the people who held onto LeagueAthletics until the last day and switched when I had to. I was on the phone with SE yesterday expressing my frustration about the lack of auto-rostering the was SIMPLE in LeagueAthletics. This was a poor business decision to sunset LA and not have the basic features it had. We have a fall even which can have close to 3000 registrants. How in the world can I effectively add players to roster with that volume. I can't! Has anyone found a platform that has more functionality to LeagueAthletics?? I hope the management is listening!!
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