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Can you pass parameters to the microsite?


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I would dearly love to be able to pass parameters to the microsite. For example now that our first HQ season is ending, I want to create an "archive" page with old seasons linked. However I'd like to default the view to either "Season Start" or "In the Past" so those microsites don't auto-display as "You have nothing scheduled!"

In addition we have division-level pages. I'd love to be able to have a microsite on each season page filtered to just that division. Right now, however, there are neither division level microsites nor a way to pass in filters to the microsite.

As usual my real wish is that we didn't have microsites at all, but a true "Team Center" like Sports Management on HQ, League Athletics, Sports Connect, Crossbar, Team Sideline, and all the rest that shows pages that look like our regular webpage and include all the things the microsite includes (standings, scores, schedules, rosters, team information) integrated with our master calendar. But since they haven't given any indication of doing that, the above would be nice.

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