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  1. @freezinKT One of our divisions is using GameChanger and I just bulk imported the schedule after matching up the team names in Excel with a lookup. Had to score a couple games that had already been played (we just manually adjusted score rather than score play by play for those), but since then we've had no issues. We're not even bothering to post scores in SE anymore since the standings are completely wrong anyways. Would have done for all of our divisions if we'd known ahead of time the issues we'd have. Next season we will probably go that direction for all ages. I'm using Diamond Scheduler for scheduling anyways so the conflict checking is covered there. With as many games and players as we have, we are happy to pay for a decent product, but right now they couldn't pay me to use season management for another season.
  2. I would have 3 sale items in this type of scenario. You can have an uncapped local and non-local item with the appropriate price(s). Then a third combined item would be capped but have a sale price of zero. In registration, the user would choose something like: Checkbox - Register to play SPORT (with capped inventory but no price). Make this item required so you cannot proceed without it. Then, either on that page or a later page, you can have the local or non-local items (prices but no max items) They won't be able to complete registration if the cap is reached (because they cannot add the required item), but prior to the cap, they can choose local or non-local without worrying about how many of each. We use a similar process to cap our divisions. You choose an age group first (with a cap), then later you can decide how to pay (now or on payment plan). Once the age-group limit is reached, they cannot go any further, but prior to that point, they can pay with either method (equivalent to your local/non-local split).
  3. @riseatl Thanks for the suggestions. I did submit feedback once but I have not done so weekly. As you suggested in 1 above, most of our age groups are tracking the scores manually using a spreadsheet or on paper (hard to believe that a "season management" tool cannot produce a team's win-loss record for a season, but here we are!). The missing games (or at least the earlier ones) sometimes appeared to have scores but I cannot remember if I was looking in the same place all of the time (microsite, season management). Since my original post we've also found future scheduled games that show up only in season management HQ, others that show up only on the microsite, and still others that are randomly duplicated in one or the other location. With that new issue combined with the number of games involved I can't even trust that the list of games itself is correct, much less the scores. Given the workload involved and the fact we have to score it manually or in GC or something else anyways (there is no way I could trust them to be correct at this point, since I know that they are wrong), I've just given up on worrying about re-scoring and syncing repeatedly since with 500+ games that approach is basically hopeless. If they ever fix it we might try that, but until then that just seems like a lot of work on a problem that will just re-occur.
  4. This appears to be a good news, bad news situation. The good news is they "resolved the bug" and closed the ticket. The bad news is that consistent with what @GretchenMellies noted above, this is because the team names no longer load in at all. I have no idea how to do a jersey report if that is the case. We have a 100 player older kids league starting soon so my guess is I'll be doing it by hand. I am extremely thankful it was only partially broken when we did the jerseys for our 1,000 participant league.
  5. I was able to copy the microsite code for a division and then create a link on our website menu that loads the microsite filtered to that specific division. You should see a microsite link somewhat similar to the following: season-microsites.ui.sportsengine.com/seasons/SEASON_ID/schedule2;division=DIVISION_ID Just replace SEASON_ID and DIVISION_ID with the appropriate values for your organization. Not sure if this would work similarly for an archive or starting at a specific date, though it does look like you could pass another date filter parameter as part of the link.
  6. We've got some scored and completed games not showing up in the standings. The runs scored and allowed show up for the team, but the Win or Loss does not. We've played about 100 games (and have 450 more to go) so it's almost unmanageable to figure out which games are the issue. Does anyone know any workaround to get the standings to show up, either through Season management or Excel or another option? We've submitted a bug report but no progress and since we're in our season, I'm not sure how to handle it other than manually doing standings for 85 teams across 7 divisions on paper, which I would prefer not to have to do!
  7. We use a report from our registration that we just make sure the fields for Jersey Size and Rostered team are both on (based on the size they chose at registration and the team they were rostered onto. Warning: If you try and sort by rostered team (under Season Management) it will crash, so we just sorted it in Excel. There is a bug report on fixing the crash but it's been over a month.
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