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Stuck in Sport Management vs. Season Management

Chris Hanlon

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Has anyone run into an issue where they are stuck with the older Sport Management option under the Competition option vs. the Season Management option?

I have used SportsEngine for Baseball and had the Beta version of Season Management that I figured out how to navigate and roster the various teams.  For the wrestling program that we run, I am stuck with the options of Sport Management, Rostering and Schedule Upload as subheading when I go to Competition on the left hand side.  I have figured out how to roster participants into the various training groups, but I can't seem to make those teams that I have broken them into active.  So none of what I am doing is populating don't the mobile app because they are inactive.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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To switch to Season Management I believe you contact your account manager. Same with getting the quickest response on a time-sensitive bug like this.

I would carefully read this forum before determining that Season Management is right for your organization.

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