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  1. Does anyone know the image size requirements for the banner image? I would like to create something similar to what I see on the design website for SE on my own to save money.
  2. How do you find out who your account manager is?
  3. How did you manage to get the roster photos added to your players? They have really made this a huge PITA to manage since adding this season management.
  4. Has anyone successfully been able to implement this on your site and have it scroll smoothly? I went about this originally using 'marquee' and while it seemed to work fine in the chrome desktop browser, using mobile or safari browser resulted in stuttering. I got the idea from https://www.omahahockey.net/ website, but I see they have the same issues as myself when I check that site from different desktop/mobile endpoints. (assuming they went about it the same way I had tried)
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