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September Product Update Roundup

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We recently added a new tab to your SportsEngine Motion help tab within your dashboard. You can view the latest product updates easily from the "NewsFeed" tab when accessing the "Need Help" tab. 



  • Provided admins with the ability to share classes and bookings to social networks or with a one-click email experience.

  • Improved the on-demand attendance feature by updating it to a new "Take Attendance" logo in iOS.

  • Added Agreements to the Booking Admin report.

  • Updated the time range for the Bookings Manager widget in the Mobile Dashboard API.

  • Created a new Member Bookings information view.

  • Created a new Booking Instructor role.

  • Added a Booking system page for the content management system.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with member registration agreements not appearing in the Agreement report.

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