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Our SE team chats are not working.  I know this is an identified bug, but I needed to express the urgency of resolving this.  We have team events starting for our fall league and we need our coaches to be able to communicate with their teams effectively.  Please consider this an urgent need.

To further complicate the issue, chat isn't identifying listed staff as members of the team and asks us to "Yes, Add Me".  Even when pressed, it spins with no resulting action.

Thank you

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@Fraze and @rkgriffin Are you referring to the SportsEngine Mobile app? You can post within the specific forum dedicated to that app here - https://community.sportsengine.com/forum/15-sportsengine-mobile/

We appreciate you expressing the urgency behind this request and it's been voiced to our product team. Further enhancements to the mobile app are coming, in the meantime for the best support please reach out to our team via the "need help" tab when logged in, or directly to support@sportsengine.com


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