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Update: Attendance Privileges

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More control for your instructors without compromising your peace of mind


Admin Privilege Setting Update


We understand the need to maintain confidentiality in members and financial data while still empowering instructors with necessary tools.  


So we’ve introduced a new class admin privilege setting that allows accounts whose Admin Level is set to “Not an Admin” (see screenshot) to take attendance and send messages for any class right from the mobile app. 




    • Mobile Attendance - Allows for accounts set to “Not an Admin” under their Admin Level to take attendance in the mobile app without having access to account information. 


    • Mobile Attendance/Message - Allows for accounts Admin Level’s set to “Not an Admin” to take attendance and message parents in the mobile app without having access to account information. 



This means you have the ultimate control over who sees certain data, ensuring an extra layer of security and privacy.  


Here’s a quick breakdown of the updated privileges for the different Admin Level’s 







Admin and Class Admin Level 


Take Attendance  



  • SuperUser  
  • EPC+ AND Full Access  
  • EPC+ AND Class Instructor    

Take Attendance  


Mobile (any class)  

  • SuperUser  
  • EPC+ AND Class Instructor  
  • EPC+ AND Full Access  
  • NAA AND Mobile Attendance, Mobile Attendance/Message  

Send Messages  


   Mobile (any class)  

  •  SuperUser  
  • EPC+ AND Class Instructor  
  • EPC+ AND Full Access  
  • NAA AND Mobile Attendance/Mobile Attendance/Message 


NoteInstructors no longer need to have an admin level of EPC or higherAnyone can now be an instructor. 


Give these permission a try within the “Account Access Settings section when editing an account in your backoffice or within the mobile app. 



Web Dashboard








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