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Scheduling Assistant Beta - sign up today

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Calling all SportsEngine HQ customers - we've got all new auto-scheduling capabilities available in beta for you to start using.

Interested in signing up?

  1. Click Need Help?
  2. Ensure you are on the Walk-Throughs tab.
  3. Open the Season Management folder.
  4. Click Sign Up for the Scheduling Assistant Beta.
  5. Follow the steps within this tool.

Marie Fitzgerald

Director, Product Marketing

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7 hours ago, DaveOForFlag said:

I am VERY interested in this. Running a Flag Football league with 200+ kids and 4 divisions of either 4 or 6 teams. I really don't want to "add game" for every single one and used a spreadsheet in the past.

who can I talk to?

FYI - scheduling assist (season management) doesn't really handle practices all that well. For example: there are no recurring "events." It also only deconflicts locations within a single season - no cross season conflict checking if you run multiple overlapping seasons. While it might be what you are looking for, it's definitely still going through growing pains. We're an organization of 400+, around 40 teams in multiple overlapping levels of play, and our scheduler is quite busy doing manual work.

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