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How to Reach Families Who Played Last Year but Haven't Signed Up Yet This Year

Rob Bedeaux

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The SportsEngine HQ member directory has very powerful filtering tools. You can use these tools to create groups of members to which you can send email messages. One great example is sending an email to families who played with your organization last season but haven't yet signed up this year. 

  1. Go into the members section of your SportsEngine HQ account.
  2. Select the blue filter button to show the filtering options.
  3. Choose registration. To the left, you should now see a list of registration sessions. 
  4. Select this season's sign-up. 
  5. Now you should see a list of fields that are part of the registration (including metadata).
  6. The one we want to use is the Entry Status Is Active.
  7. Next click on the plus to add a second criteria to your filter
  8. Choose registration again, and select the previous years registration session. 
  9. Again select Entry Status and choose Is Active

You should now get a list of families who registered the previous year but haven't signed up for this year. You can now select the Message button in the upper right corner and compose an email urging them to sign up before the season closes. 

There are lots of other uses for member filters. How have you used them to connect with your members?


Hasn't Registered This Year.png

Rob Bedeaux (he/him/his)
Director, Partnerships & Symphony Marketing
E rob.bedeaux@nbcuni.com


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Perhaps the system has changed in the year since this original post, but the steps as described are incorrect.  Following those will actually give you a list of players who have registered for both seasons.

If you want to find the list of players yet to register this year, you choose "Entry Status is Active" for the prior season as described, but for your current season you need to choose the "Registration Submitted" field and the "Registration Not Submitted" value.

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