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Costume Management is available for all sports

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New improvements for ordering Costumes, Uniforms, Apparel, or Equipment - we've added some helpful functionality to help any sport utilize the new Costume Management Tool.

Costume Management Enhancements


After gathering sizing information for members, the Auto-Size tool will automatically recommend the best size for members based on the vendors size chart and the specified measurement. 
We’ve updated the auto-size tool to allow for a different measurement to be used as a default for recommending a size.




URL’s for specific costumes are available in your costumes dashboard report to simplify the ordering process. 




To avoid confusion, “Costume will display in the ledger title to differentiate a costume order from a class charge. 


The default size/measurement "girth" has been updated to"girth/torso" in the sizing tool to support sports that don't use girth as a sizing measurement.


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