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Importing Player Photos from a Registration

Mike Kaczmarek


We're managing a High School Football Program. We keep a single registration for all of our players (think player contact list). We include data such as graduation year and a photo. We use this registration to roster them each season onto the appropriate team. By filtering on graduation year, it is easy for us to move them up through the system


Once a team has been rostered for the new season, we export the player list, update it with some of the custom data from our registration such as the Graduation year and then re-import it leveraging the custom variables. Now we can show the players graduation year in our roster. Yay!


Is there any way for us to also import their Photo from this same registration? 


I know I can go in an manually assign a photo but if I understand the system correctly, I would need to do that for each player each season. If there were a way to include the photo in the current export\import process that would be really helpful.


It is quite cumbersome to have to export, match and import (ETL) the data just to get graduation years to show up. Has anyone considered a design change request to automatically pull previously defined variable data into a roster from the registration when you roster the person?






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