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What's the retry/failure logic?


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Had a powerpay invoice for $1000 - 5 separate payments of $200. The third and fifth payments failed for insufficient funds, and now it's sitting there with a $400 balance. 


I'm curious about the details of the retry/fail logic. 


Do the subsequent payments (the ones not manually performed) have a certain number of retries? 


At what point does it fail? 


Are we notified of the failures, or is anything done to schedule additional payments to take care of the resulting balance? (I don't recall getting any emails about the failure). 


Just curious more than anything...we're using PowerPay more and more lately so want to be an expert in the nuances. 



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The overdue scheduled payments will be retried on the date of the next scheduled payment.  If the final payment fails then the card holder will need to enter a new card or account to pay the outstanding balance.


The person who paid the bill will receive notifications of failed payments and reminders of overdue, as well as upcoming payments.


At this time we do not send notifications to organization administrators but this has been requested with the addition of scheduled payments and we will be looking to include this functionality in a future release.


Thank you for posting this topic!



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Thanks for the quick reply Casey (and hi to Carson!)


What's the best way to get on a call with someone at SE to look at a particular invoice I have that used payment terms? It was a $1000 invoice, with a $200 up front payment and then four equal $200 payments. The second auto payment failed, but the third one just took $200 successfully. Then the final payment failed. The invoice is sitting there with a $400 balance and no more scheduled payments. 


Given your answer, I would have expected the third auto payment to take $400 (to make up for the second payment, which had an NSF). 



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