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Games - adding Opponents 3 options?


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Hi new to SE.   


We are a lacrosse club of three teams that plays in a high school league.  We have one team in a D1 Division and two teams in a JV Division.  


I was told to use the Club setup.  So I made a Club with two divisions and then placed the Teams in the appropriate Divisions.  


In the Club setup there are three options for opponents - Teams, Outside Club, and Custom Opponent.  Can someone please explain the difference in these three?  








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Yes I was adding via the Team Page is that is what I was instructed to do.


I set up our opponents as actual teams in my divisions and then I disabled the team so that it does not appear on the website.  I was told I needed to do it this way if I wanted to use school logos for game scores which I do want to do.  (see Opponent Team Setup)


If I do manually add a game through the Team Page this works out nicely as I only see my teams that are the specific division.  (create new game from a Team)


I was just curious what those other two options were from the Team Page.  


Now if  I go through Manage Team to add a game then it gets messy pretty quick.  I see every opponent that I ever created in the Opponent list(not just in a particular division).  And I only see my Varsity team in the Home/Away.  So that won't work with the way that I setup the opponents.  (see team center adding a game to a Club.jpg)


Regarding the mass upload.   That would be great!  Questions are - 


1) Will an upload work with the way that I did set up the teams? 


2) Our League actually just purchased SE and I have been told that I will be able to access the games from their site.  Is this a manual export from their site and upload to mine or do they actually connect to one other?


I guess bottom line is how do I need my teams to be set up in order to leverage that my league is also using SE while also being able to utilize the school logos of opposing teams?






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