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No notifications for new games?

Don Seiler

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Good morning,


We're using the new Club Teams setup, and one thing that I've heard from our scheduler is that parents haven't been getting push notifications in the app when new games are added (she's been filling out the schedule these past few days).


We verified that mobile app notification settings are enabled (made sure to send this link https://sportngin.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1580989-change-mobile-app-notification-settings), but the parent still say they got no notifications. The new games show up in their SE mobile app, just not getting push notifications.


Is there something else we should be checking in their apps or in how games are scheduled for club teams?



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Hey Don,


SportsEngine used to send out a notification for every event/game that was added (outside of the bulk schedule upload). This was annoying as each of your team members would get dozens of notifications as you added them. (Assuming of course you rostered them first).


Now, they receive a notification if you click the checkbox for the "Send RSVP Now". Works the same for Events and Games. They also get the emails ahead of the event (48hours) in case they aren't looking at their calendars. 


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