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Viewing app as fan


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Hi Megankwilliams


Thanks for reaching out! We recently made a change to more explicitly call out the connection you have to each of your teams (MyTeam, Fan, or Admin). Previously we only specified the connection to rostered members (and their guardians) by showing "MyTeam". It's very likely that parents who are now seeing the "fan" badge have been viewing their child's team as a "fan" all along without knowing it. This essentially means they haven't had access to RSVP, Chat, and send messages for that team.


In order to get folks connected properly two things need to happen:

  1. The player (child) must be rostered to the team
  2. The parent must be connected to their child's profile as a guardian
Rostering would be done by the organization, league or team admin. Guardian setup can be done by the child-profile's owner. Here's a help article that explains how: https://sportngin.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2917488-guardians?b_id=15976


Please let me know if you have any other questions or feel free to reach out to our customer success team here: https://sportngin.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new



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Brad (SportsEngine Team) -


I have 3 hockey players on 2 different teams.  I'm the coach and site manager for 1 team, on the mobile app I see it as 'Admin' and 'My Team'.


On the other team, I only see it as 'Fan'.  I don't believe the rosters for either team were loaded differently.  My profile shows all 3 kids and both parents are guardians.


What else am I missing?

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Hello wiedrich - 


Did you register your players for their teams or did your spouse?


It could be that you have all 3 players set up as profiles under your account, and your spouse has them set up as 3 different profiles under their account. In this case you are guardian of the 3 profiles under your account and your spouse is guardian of the 3 profiles under their account. Sounds like your spouse may have been invited to be guardian of the 3 profiles under your account but you were not invited to be guardian of the 3 profiles under theirs.


In the scenario described above, if your spouse registered all 3 of the players you may be guardian of a profile for each player (the profiles under your account) but perhaps not the profiles that are connected to the rosters (the profiles under your spouse's account). Since you are coach/admin of one of the teams that is what drives the 'MyTeam' and 'Admin' badging for that one team and not the other.


If you contact our support team they should be able to look up your account and your spouse's account to make sure you are both connected to the same profile for each of your players, and that the profiles you are connected to are the ones rostered on the teams.







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