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Getting custom registration fields to show up in roster?



I've had a conversation with support on this but didn't quite understand the limitations. 


In our registration for HS-aged players, we ask things like height, weight, GPA, school name, position, and whether they shoot left or right (for lax). 


On the roster page, we can go into each player's record on the roster and all those fields are there as well. 


Yet it's my understanding that there is no way, as SE is currently coded, to link the two? For this year we had one coach spend a couple hours going back and forth and writing that information into each player's record on the team roster. College coaches visit our page so it was important for us to share that information. But am I missing an easier way to link the data in the registration with the information that shows up for each player on the roster?

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Not at this time, but it's certainly a feature that has been requested. I'm going to share internally and see if a PM has any sort of update on that.


On the roster, you are using what are called Roster Variables. 




You'll need to add them to each player, but that's how you add them. 


Here's an previous forum post you may find interesting. A little older, but still relevant. https://communityforum.sportngin.com/post/customized-roster-pages-7175662 


Finally, if you want to further spruce up your profile pages, here's a cool article about a club that has some incredible profile pages:





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Thanks for the reply! That older post was certainly helpful as it looks like a couple other people are looking for the same exact functionality. Only worrisome part is that the post is from 3.5 years ago, haha. I'd be happy to brainstorm or speak with a PM to explain exactly what we're looking for. Even if SE made a question group that linked to roster pages...and then we could pick and choose which ones we want to use. I'm sure you won't get 100% of them, but things like school, GPA, SAT score, height, weight, handed, etc would be a great start. 




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