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The webinar on rostering discussed adding staff (coaches/managers) to a team using rostering. In order to do this, coaches and managers actually have to be included in a registration. Our coaches and managers have never registered for the season and getting them to do so will be really difficult.  Do you have any suggestions on how to get coaches and managers on to the roster without actually depending on them to  register. Can this be done manually by admin staff? 
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You can still do this the old way by giving them permission on the team page: 



Setting up a coach/manager registration is pretty common. My club uses one to not only collect their information to send them comms throughout the season, but also collect their coaching credential information and have them agree to code of conducts. Several clubs also use this as an opportunity to have them go through a background screen. Food for thought. 

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We have the same issue. For coaches who are parents, it's a bit easier as we just bake it into the player registration process (we have a "registration type" question). But for the orgs I work with who use college kids or non-parents...it's a headache. I just let them know that they won't be able to send or receive emails, or get updates via the mobile app, etc unless they register. 


Now...after year one (two of the three sites I manage are in their first year with SE), my plan is to ask coaches to register, but those who just don't get to it, if they've registered in prior years, I'm planning on just choosing the old registration in the dropdown and rostering them from there. It's a bit of a hassle, but isn't all of this for the webmaster? ?


Side note...when rostering staff, I love the three options for permissions, and they make perfect sense and leverage the rostering tool to perform functionality that would otherwise be a separate process. But I'd love to be able to change the label that shows on the roster page. We have a Coaching Director who wants to be on every roster (to keep track of messaging), and I set him as "Coach" in the rostering tool. Then I had to go into teams, one by one on the team page, and edit that to say 'Director'. Minor detail, but one that cost me a half hour. I'll add to the ideas section at some point. 

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Coach rostering seems like a great tool, but I have run into a problem.  What if a coach is on the staff of more than 1 team in your league?  For example our league has around 80 teams, and John Smith might be Team Manager for a 12U team, but he's also an assistant coach on a 10U team and also on a 6U team.  We have implemented coach registration, so I can drag John Smith's name onto the staff of one of those 3 teams, but when I try to drag his name onto the staff of his two other teams, I get a red error box: "John Smith is already assigned to a team."


Is there a workaround for this?  It would be a major hassle to ask a coach to register 3 times if he/she is going to be on the coaching staff of 3 teams.  Plus, I don't want multiple entries of the same person in the coach registration database, how confusing would that be?  Lastly, I also don't want to create a separate coach registration for each of our league's 12 divisions.


This "X is already assigned to a team" error has never been an issue with players rostering because every player is uniquely assigned to 1 and only 1 team.  (We use separate registrations for travel teams, not a problem because we need to collect different info and fees).


I realize it's possible to manually add coaches to a team on the "front end" of the SE website via each team's webpage.  But it would be much "slicker" to do it via the rostering app, where permissions can be assigned.  Plus, it would be really cool to use the coaches registration list to confirm that all coaches assigned to a team have completed all of their background checks, etc.



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Hi Pete,


You can put coaches (and players actually) onto multiple teams.


Here's what it looks like for me when I'm assigned to one team (6U3 Black). 


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 7.53.48 AM.png 

And here's what it looks like when I am put on another team. Notice the "Team" goes from saying the one team that i'm on, to "2" to note I'm on two teams.


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 7.53.38 AM.png 

Give it another try and make sure you are on "Assign Staff" tab for the team. If you are still getting the error, shoot me a PM with your website url/HQ address. The name of your coach registration, and what team you are trying to add them to. 



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Thanks, Jim, for the quick reply.  I figured out the problem -- I had to change my "Rostering Settings" and uncheck the box "Only allow people to be assigned to one team from the same registration" :


Rostering.thumb.png.a11e00bc001f5ff0ba829457ef1ea182.pngDidn't know about that setting because we haven't needed to do multiple team assignments until Coach Registration this year.  Now things work exactly as you describe, I can put a coach on multiple rosters. This is great! 


This will be extremely helpful to ensure all our team's coach staffs are fully certified.  Thanks again.

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