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Conversion Tracking

WACC Texas

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I am assuming you are using SportsEngine's registration system. If so, to track registration conversions you need to 


1. Setup a Goal in Google Analytics (go to Admin > Goals > Create New Goal)

    a. Goal Setup - Use the 'Buy Tickets' template

    b. Goal Description - Name your Goal and for 'Type' select Destination

    c. Goal Details - Change 'Destination' to Regular Expression matches /order/complete/

    d. You also have the option to add a Value and Funnel to the goal. Setting up the funnel allows you see where people are dropping off. To set this up simply follow and document the path your users would take to create the steps.


2. To prevent Sportngin.com from becoming the referral source of a conversion I also recommend adding sportngin.com to the referral exclusion list. To do this go to  Admin panel > .JS Property Info > Referral Exclusion List. In this section add sportngin.com as a new Referral Exclusions.

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