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Editing Smart Group Filters

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Smart Groups are great to use. You set up a filter and the Smart Group changes at any given time based on people matching those filters. But, one annoyance has been that if you ever want to make a small tweak to the filters, you'd have to create a new Smart Group. Not the biggest deal, but something we wanted to change. 


Now, you can edit the filters in your Smart Group. Here's a few photos to show the process. You'll go into the Smart Group, Group Details, and then click the pencil to edit. 




Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.30.05 AM.png   



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Here's the quick answer. Your smart group was created in the legacy registration reporting area. While HQ recognizes and appreciates the filters of that smart group, it doesn't (not sure why) display or edit the filters. 


I went and created a smart group directly in HQ with the same filter applied and it now shows up.



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