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Customizing roster and player profiles


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Is it possible to create my own player cards?

How do I customize my player profiles to look like this? 










Looking for the flexibility to change how the roster is displayed (boxed vs circle pics) as well as what is displayed when a player's number is selected. 


Do I create a custom class for rosterPlayerInfoElement, I have been playing around here and can't seem to figure it out. A push in the right direction would be great. 


Thanks in advance, 




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Go to your admin panel under Website Tools -> Templates.


There you can build out the framework of what you want the player profile page to look like.

When you add a text block - you'll see on the right there are variables that you can place into the text box.  They'll look like this, ::First_Name:: ::Last_Name::  ::Jersey_Number::

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@F Wahle Short answer - YES!


Long answer: this is done through permissions - each page of your website can host different levels of permission based on public access, private access, or a disabled state (webmasters only). 


Here's the detail on how to do that:


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