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Adding/Removing Members to Groups

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A new feature went live that gives you the ability to add or remove people from groups. It's pretty simple and here are a few screenshots. 


One question I get alot is "what is the difference between a group and a smart group?"


Think of it this way: A group is based on people, and a Smart Group is based on filters. Said differently, the people in a group are put together by selecting the people, and the people in a smart group are put together because they match a filter. 


So, before asking why you can't add or remove a person from a smart group, remember, that happens automatically when that person either meets or no longer meets the smart group filters. 


Screen_Shot_2017-06-30_at_8_14_53_AM.png  Screen_Shot_2017-06-30_at_8_15_35_AM.png 



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You bet. In an effort to make the tool easier to use, we've brought in action buttons (those in the upper right) that change based on what you are doing. It makes the workspace much cleaner if we don't have to put every button you'd ever use in the UI. 


On a related note, how has your experience been so far with People360?

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