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Creating Subtitle Backgrounds & Organized Events/Lists


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I have been looking through examples and saw that on your preseason website tune-up article (11/14/14) you provided  the NKYVC website as an example.  I am looking to create the three column set-up that they have on their website (http://www.nkyvc.com/).


My first question is what code would need to be changed in order to create the background for the subtitles (Clinics, Headlines, and Calendar of Events)?


My second question is how they created the simple lists?  I am assuming they used the event and news aggregator but I am not sure how they set up or formatted the CSS to make the lists look this specific way.


My last question is would it be possible to create an event aggregator similar to theirs, but have a scrolling arrow so that events can be looked at and seen in advance?

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