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Games from Calendar to Team Schedule


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Our Scheduler has requested help from NGIN regarding this issue, with no response. Is there anyone that can help?


The Scheduler has added Games to the Team Calendar. However, the Games are not showing up on the Team Schedule. When I, as team manager, add a Game through the Game Schedule, they show up of course, but we cannot get the Games from the master calendar set up by the Scheduler over to the Team Schedule. I do not want to duplicate the Scheduler's efforts and would appreciate any suggestions or assistance.


Thank you.

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Not to step on Loren's toes here but we had a similar issue. Our teams are part of many leagues that use SportNgin. We mirror all the content to our team site. We had to jump through some hoops to get the proper permissions on the league sites in order to accomplish this feat but it still left us with an issue: We have non-league games and need our visitors to see all of that information.


The unfortunate part for us is that can only be accomplished on the Calendar.


It sounds like your scheduler has been adding "Events" to your site (using SportNgin terminology to be consistent). An Event can be a meeting, practice or even a game. It's just like adding something to your Outlook Calendar. The Event feature has no way to categorize (SportNgin term: TAG) an entry so that it is added to the Game Schedule page.


In order to have something show up in your Game Schedule, you would have to create an actual game. Adding a Game does more than just allow it to be part of the schedule. As it tracks statistics, it requires a much different entry. You may or may not be using all the features that the Game feature allows but in order to have something included in the schedule page, it needs to be a game.


Does your Scheduler have access permissions to add games instead of events?

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Hi jasondeanny,


Not stepping on my toes at all. Great post!


Raising the difference between events and games is certainly worth pointing out. The point about having the proper permissions for the scheduler was a good one, too.


I've been working with the scheduler for the association and some product managers here on this case and, I think, we have found a solution. 


I'll circle back and share the outcome once we are sure games are uploading correctly into each team's game schedule.



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Although I haven't heard back from the scheduler, I see games are now populating on the site. So I think we found the problem and it is solved.


Here's what our support team came up with for a solution in this case, after looking at the master schedule that was being downloaded:



Any game needs to have the "event_type" field listed as "game".  Currently you have them listed as Home Game or Away Game.   These will need to be replaced with "Game".  Then to mark a game as home or away, within the "Team1_Is_Home" valid values are 1 for Home Game, 0 for Away Game (which you have already done).  Here is additional information on the schedule upload fields: http://help.sportngin.com/customer/en/portal/articles/619699-what-is-the-sport-ngin-schedule-upload-template-

The other item is the any tags you have entered within the schedule upload will need to match a mapping code within your Sport Ngin website.


There are quite a few events with the tag number 1 and "NA".  You will need to enter these into one of your a page's mapping code (such as your home page set it to 1) - image attached.  Since there isn't a  mapping code entered for any page for the number 1 or "NA", is causing the system to give you invalid tags errors.

Attached is your schedule upload file with the home game and away game Event_Type changes to "game".  All you need to do is enter in the mapping codes for 1 and NA.



Again, not 100-percent sure this did the trick, but the site is now showing games scheduled for its teams, so I'm guessing this worked.






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