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Share Your Ideas for Future Webinars!

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We're excited to hear from you! 🗣️


Do you have some topics for future webinars we should hold? We want our webinars to be as valuable and engaging as possible, and there's no better way to ensure that than by getting your input directly.

Share your ideas, suggestions, and any specific topics you'd love to see covered in our upcoming webinars. Let us know whether it's a deep dive into specific features, tips for better user engagement, or anything else related to our platform and services!

Your feedback helps us tailor our content to serve you and the SportsEngine community better.

Drop your ideas in the comments below! 👇 and if you have direct feedback from our latest webinar click here to take our interactive poll!

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Hey @ChrisMintonMelrose,

Thank you for raising this issue. Our team has added it to our list of enhancements. Thank you for participating in the AMA webinar. We will definitely consider your input when we discuss how to implement this functionality for a master calendar format in SportsEngine HQ. I agree that a Schedule Deep Dive webinar would be beneficial for administrators to set up everything they need to manage different teams, locations, and more from one place.



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