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📣🏊 Exciting Updates to Your TeamUnify Experience from SportsEngine!

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🙌 Limit Swim Meet Entries Effortlessly: Say goodbye to overcrowded meets! Now, you can limit swim meet entries to ensure everything runs smoothly. Once the limit is reached, a message will inform participants that the meet is full.

📝 Customize Entry Notes: You're in control! You can give the option to hide or enable the notes feature for parents during meet entry submission.

🔎 Enhanced USAS Roster Reporting: Dive deeper with more filter options in the USAS Roster Tab. Now, include "Roster," "Locations," "Age from," and "Age to" for more precise reporting.

👀 Updated USAS Registration View: Get straight to the details with our improved default view, showcasing essential information like Premium, Flex, Outreach, and Single Meet Athlete types, along with specific season and family categories.

We value your input and appreciate your efforts in improving our platform by sharing your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial to us, and we are committed to ensuring that any updates we make are as seamless as possible.

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