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🔎 Check out your brand new view. Introducing your backoffice calendar 🗓️

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Hey Team! 🚀 We're super excited to introduce your new Backoffice Calendar! 🗓️




Here's why you're gonna love it:


  • Total Sync with Mobile App 📲: Changes on mobile? See them on your desktop instantly. Seamless, accessible, and always up-to-date!

  • Customize Your View 👀: Filters galore!  Choose to view appointments, classes, practices, and more. For our swim organizations, there's a special filter for workout status. 

  • Personalized for You 🙌: The default view of the back office calendar displays all appointments, classes, and practices at your organization. By checking the box next to the default view, you can bring your schedule to the forefront. 

  • Superuser Superpowers 💪: If you're a superuser or instructor with the proper permissions, you can now communicate directly with attendees or your instructors


  • Parent to Instructor Emails 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 (For Enabled Orgs): Want to offer the option for parents to send emails to instructors for upcoming classes or appointments? Just toggle on “Enable sending emails to instructors” and connect through the shared calendar view. 


  • Subscribe Button 🔗: Sync your SportsEngine Motion practices, classes, and appointments with calendars like Google, Apple, or Microsoft calendars. Stay updated, stay connected! 


Note: Your calendar service (e.g., Google, Microsoft) will sync with our back-office calendar regularly. Check with your calendar service to learn more about how often this occurs. Check out our help article to learn more.

Be sure to check out our "Expert in 5 Minutes" help guide to get up to speed on this new feature!

Exciting Future Ahead! This is just the beginning. We're working towards a unified calendar for all your SportsEngine accounts. It's a big dream; it will take some time, but this Backoffice Calendar is the first step of many, so we're on our way!

Thanks for being part of our journey. 🏆

BackOffice_Calendar (1).jpg

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