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Multiple Discounts and Receipts need more clairty

Ian Roque

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I am hoping this is the correct forum to post feedback to the Sports Engine Developers.  If not, I apologize.

Under the new registration system, I am only allowed to apply one discount.  I am hoping multiple discounts (line item, and bottom line) can apply for both discount codes and automated discounts.  

One of the thing our org does is apply discounts on Raffle Tickets, 2nd Child, 3rd Child (or more), and early bird discounts all in the same registration.  We used to be able to do this with the old registration system (so I guess parity is not there yet).  But I am hoping to know if this could be something in the works and hopefully soon.   I have managed to work around this (I'm not thrilled about it... but it works), but I have to calculate out the discount all at once on the bottom line.

However, even though I have my workaround discounts, the description of the discount does not show up on the customer's / parent's receipt?  I have many questions from parents asking about their discount, even though it is mentioned on the registration form itself.  Obviously, I would prefer discounts on the line item itself as it presents itself with more clarity where a customer should be able to read their registration receipt and say "ah yes, this is what these discounts are for and what I was charged for makes sense" without having to reach out to our board members asking for their discounts.  A receipt should be self explanatory, and they are not today with the new registration system.  When one goes to the store with coupons, gift cards, etc, they are usually clearly marked.

Anyhow, I am hoping this feedback can make its way to the developers where appropriate action can happen.


~ Ian

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Hello Ian, 

Thank you sincerely for your valuable feedback. I have passed it along to the product team, improvements to our registration process are earmarked on the upcoming roadmap and we will communicate further changes as they are released. Voicing this feedback is the best way to have it prioritized by our team so thank you again for letting us know! 

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