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Players not be able to see their own team in the app

Mid-Pen Water Polo

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Here is the situation: there is a player with two guardians. The household is set up correctly: the player's profile has the player's email and phone number, and each of the parents/guardians has their email listed.

I have added the player to a team. When I look at the roster on the app, I can see the player and his two parents/guardians, so everything looks good.

Each of the parents/guardians can log in to the app on their phone with their own email and can see the team in the app.

When the player logs in to the app on his (obviously with their own email), they cannot see their team in the app even if they are on the roster.





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2 minutes ago, Mid-Pen Water Polo said:

Ok. That makes no sense whatsoever—the player is the one on the team, and he cannot see his own schedule? 

So if I add him as a guardian through the app, would it work?

It makes sense for 12 and unders who can’t legally have accounts…

The player has to accept the guardian invite and then it should work.

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The player is 16, and he has his own profile that is linked to the household.

And the fact that 13 and older can have accounts and register themselves makes no sense either—they are minors, and we need their parents' consent for them to participate, and sign a liability waiver. Ugh!

Anyway, thank you for your help!


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