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The Scheduling under Season Management - EVENT feature NEEDS bulk import/export


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Not liking the new "schedule" feature - it does not work for our club/purposes. 

My club is concerned about scheduling PRACTICES.  In order to do this, we are forced to schedule them as GAMES.  Can't use the old calendar feature, because then they don't show up on the app, which appears to be the focus of this change - pushing people to the app.

Now, you might say - "add them as "Events" - well, we schedule hundreds of practices, and there is not an easy/bulk way that I can find to add "Events".  I can do that with the "Games". PLEASE implement a bulk import/export feature for EVENTS as you have for GAMES, so that clubs/teams can easily add practices to the schedule.

Not all clubs are so focused on GAMES - I would dare say a majority are not.  In fact, in the volleyball world we focus on TOURNAMENTS that only happen every 2-3 weeks.  Practices happen 3 times a week for months. 

This change to season management has really limited our ability to communicate with our club members, which, besides registrations, is the primary purpose of SE for us.


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Yes, this was our VERY FIRST hint that SportsEngine HQ wasn't actually going to work for our league of 300-400 players over multiple seasons in house plus another 200 in travel: the lack of recurring events and import/export for events. These things have been on the Season Management road map since, no joke, April 2023 when they provided an ETA of mid-May 2023. Would have been nice, huh? My scheduler put in five hundred plus practices by hand. The 100-something games with an import were nothing on that. He liked the import and would have liked it for events also.

Technically recurring events are on the new roadmap (https://www.sportsengine.com/club-admin/hq/upcoming-season-mgt-releases), but technically they were before too. And I cannot be more disappointed that one of their priorities is integration with Diamond Scheduler and Avario, products that require you to pay even more to do your scheduling and then import it to HQ. It's not encouraging.

And the communication in HQ's Season Management drove one of my most dedicated volunteers to near distraction. It's horrible. No automated RSVPs. Can't always see contact information to communicate outside the app - and if you coach teens you have no guarantee that they come from good families where parents will actually be helpful or interested in downloading an app/responding at all. Bugs about adding extra emails or guardians. It was awful.

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