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Will Messaging on the app return?


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Our club is on "Season Management" (if that matters for this question.  We are really missing the "Messaging" feature.  Will that return?  Our coaches like to send messages (that end up as emails to teams) to their players.  So do our team managers, regarding upcoming tournaments.

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@Marie Fitzgerald claimed over a month ago that Season Management (which yes, does matter - Sports Management still has messaging) messaging in the app was coming "very soon". I believe the breakage has something to do with the fact that Season Management teams are not also member groups, unlike Sports Management teams. It also breaks the ability to email the group from your inbox - the only way to do it is from TeamCenter. My coaches who has prior SportsEngine HQ experience with other clubs complained at me bitterly about it (or just asked why we weren't using GameChanger as our primary app).


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If we set up under Season Managment is there a way to delete the season and move back to sport Managment? We rely on the ability to send emails through the app and it’s frustrating that we’ve lost that functionality 

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