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Two Questions About Messaging Players

Mid-Pen Water Polo

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I have two questions about sending messages to players via the website:

  1. I cannot figure out where my "sent" messages are. When I send a message to a player, I want a copy to check my past communication. 
  2. When I message a player, is their guardian copied? I want to be sure they are because, obviously, we cannot message minors without copying their guardians,



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1. They're hard to find, but they are there. Go to "Members" -> "Directory" and then scroll below the table to "Legacy Directory (Permissions and Newsletters)". In the view that shows up, select "Messages" from the 3 tabs. You'll see all sent messages there, unless you send them to a group. If you message a group, then select Groups (still in the legacy directory, but this is near the top) and pick the group you messaged. Then in the view that shows up, pick "Messages."

Why they haven't yet integrated messaging views into the new directory better is beyond me.

2. If you message a player, I believe all emails attached are messaged. So unless the players registered themselves, the email goes to the parents/guardians emails attached. In fact if you want it to go to the kids they will have to add their email to their parents or add themselves as guardians to their account (instructions here:


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