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Does making a registration entry inactive trigger a refund?

Mid-Pen Water Polo


Hi all:

If I mark a registration entry inactive, does SportsEngine automatically refund it?

This would not be what I want—I am checking that our registered players have all the USA Water Polo requirements; if they don't, I would like to mark them inactive and email them asking to fix it, but not refund them. Once they fix their USA Water Polo membership, I will switch their registration entry to active again.

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No, it doesn't. It works the way you want. You have to manually process the refund.

Alternately you could have a hidden field in your registration "Meets USA Water Polo Requirements" that defaults to no, and change it to yes for everyone you have determined meets it, while reaching out to those who don't. But that's probably an extra step. It may clarify your bookkeeping, though.

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