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Will Season Management Locations allow conflict resolution for Overlapping locations or some other solution for the following scenario?

We have 1 full soccer field used by our older teams, but our younger players play on a half field (2 half fields included in the full). Further practices for all teams are assigned to a quarter of the full field. Can I set up each of the partitions of the field as a location and have Season Management know that an activity on "Half-Field-1" makes a reservation on "Full-Field" invalid or a conflict?

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No, the locations don't have that logic built in. And as far as I can tell there's also not a way to assign an event or game to multiple locations.

For situations where the conflict checker doesn't completely cover our needs (in our case it's exceptions to the days and times we're allowed to use a field), we have created one dummy team - you might want more. Then we assign events to the dummy team to cover those cases.

So in your case, you'll want a team "Full Field Use," "Half 1 Use", "Half 2 Use," "Quarter 1 Use", and so on, perhaps. Any time a quarter field in half 1 is used for a practice, also create an event for "Full Field Use" and "Half 1 Use" at the full field location and half field same time. That way no one can also schedule something on those. Then also do the same for all 4 quarters and 2 halves if the full field is used.

Yeah, that's a ton of extra work. But it would prevent you from accidentally stomping on your other events.

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