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  1. In Dibs, is there a way as an admin to assign a member to the Dib Item? I can create the Dibs and Admin Unclaim one but I cannot assign a Dib Item to a member. We do a manual sign up process rather than having each member log on to claim the dib. If each member needs to claim individually, is there a way to do that in the app instead of online?
  2. Will Season Management Locations allow conflict resolution for Overlapping locations or some other solution for the following scenario? We have 1 full soccer field used by our older teams, but our younger players play on a half field (2 half fields included in the full). Further practices for all teams are assigned to a quarter of the full field. Can I set up each of the partitions of the field as a location and have Season Management know that an activity on "Half-Field-1" makes a reservation on "Full-Field" invalid or a conflict?
  3. Are the RSS Feed Links for Sports Engine not working? We are trying to add RSS for Soccer but it goes to an invalid site: https://www.sportsengine.com/soccer-rss-feed Ar you using any alternatives to RSS Feeds provided?
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