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Scoreboard Ribbon in Season Management

Eric Bischof

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Hi, I'm somewhat new to administering an SE website for my baseball league. We are migrating from League Athletics and have Season Management (Beta) enabled. I've created a season, divisions, teams and have started scheduling games. I would like to turn on the Scoreboard Ribbon widget but the help articles that I'm finding only pertain to Sports Management. Is there a way to turn this widget on for a Season Management season or do I need to ask my support rep to revert my site to Sports Management?  Thank you-


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Yep, I’ve followed the instructions on this microsite video and have created pages for the season and individual teams and that is all good but I need the scoreboard widget that shows recent results and upcoming games like they have on the top of https://www.goldenvalleylittleleague.org

I want to put the scoreboard ribbon widget at the top of my Home page. 

The widget appears to be available via Sports Management—just not Season Management. Thanks. 

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