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View All Teams only shows the first team I'm an admin for

Rob Mangiafico

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Using the new Beta season management system, if I'm rostered as staff and have admin flag for 2 teams, I only see the first team under:
My Organizations -> View All Teams

This is the case for other admins of multiple teams as well. Is this a bug? Any way to list all the teams someone is an admin for?

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Is there any fix for this? I have 2 support tickets open, a call already completed, and NO ONE is helping to fix the issue. We have coaches that cannot manage their teams, and no one seems to know why.

I guess I'll have to post on Twitter and FB about this...

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  • Moderators—SportsEngine HQ

Hi Rob.  Sounds like your team status might be sent to inactive for those teams.  If your team status is set to inactive, the team won't appear in an individuals MYSE account/available in the drop down list after they log in.  One thing to check within the season......

  • Go to your teams list
  • Under Team Status, verify what the setting is (can be inactive, private, public)
  • To change that status, click on the 3 dot icon to the right of the page; you can select another option for the status

If you are rostered on the team, you should then see the team in the drop down once the status is set to private or public.

Let us know if that fixed your situation!

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