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CSS to Hide Table Columns


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I am new to the forum but have been working on the CSS for my website.  I was wondering if anyone is an expert in CSS and with the sportsengine platform that could help me with a question or two.

I use my website for basketball predominantly and don't need in STANDINGS TABLES the TIE and GAMES BEHIND columns.  I was wondering if anyone could help.  I saw this ability on another post but it did not work on my website (maybe because I had a different theme).  Any help with CSS and the website would be appreciated.


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This would be one page where I would like to remove visibility of the following columns on a STANDINGS CHART.


Column 4:  (T), Ties (We don't end games in basketball in ties

Column 6: (GB) Games Behind, (We don't use this)


This would be an example where I would like to remove the GAME ID (Column 1) from visibility.  it is unnecessary for me and for the user.


Column 1, Game ID

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Hey @Schmidt127,

For your first question, I don't know of a good way to target specific columns in the standings table. However, for the second question regarding Game IDs, you decide when you create a new sub season if you want to include Game IDs, Game Type and Group Name. Once those are added to that season, they can't be hidden. However, when you create your next season, just make sure you select none for Game ID and don't check off Game Type or Group name and the columns won't show up.

GameID and Group Name.png

Rob Bedeaux (he/him/his)
Director, Partnerships & Symphony Marketing
E rob.bedeaux@nbcuni.com


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I am not a CSS person at all.  I just have learned enough to kind of use the Inspect Tool and then work on my site.

I used this to remove the ID column from a table.  Seemed to work fine.  

#tab_gamelist_content th:first-child, #tab_gamelist_content td:first-child {


But I can't figure out how to remove a specific column because I don't know how to handle getting rid of the heading and the all of the data for the column. 

Again, I am not a CSS or programmer, just an A.D. who used your site.

Also, I put together a bunch of code snippets together in a document if anyone needs hints on identifying what the css is and what the css does on the Itasca websites.


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