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Editing a copied subseason


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In setting up my next season, instead of creating new teams from scratch like I've done previously, I copied a subseason and started to edit it (rename some teams, delete teams, etc). However, it's telling me that my edits apply to both the new season and the one I copied from? I was hoping that the copy would be independent of the source. Is that not the case?
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Hi @jenebean.  Thanks for the question.  You do have the "copy from sub-season" option 2 different ways:  copying sub-season within the same Season AND "copy from sub-season" when creating a brand new Season.  I'll review both options.  


New Season

If you are creating a new season and choosing "copy from sub-season," if you delete a team, it deletes it from the new season only.  If you edit a team, this will also edit the team name in the existing season as well.


Within The Same Season

If you are choosing to copy a sub-season within the existing season, if you delete a team, it will delete if from all sub-seasons in that particular Season.  If you edit a team, this will also edit the team name in all sub-seasons within the Season as well. 


Bottom line, editing a team will cause the edit across all team instances.  


Hopefully this helps!  Please let me know if any questions.





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