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Duplicate Member Names

Chris Jones



A common problem I am having is that new users have created their new SportsEngine account in the name of their child athlete instead of their own parent name.


Then they registered their child with the same name and created another sub profile.


The result is that I have multiple member entries with the same name in the site member directory and it is impossible to know which is correct when adding them to a billing group and sending out invoices.


This has happened 20-30 times out of 300 registrants and has created a mess.


I am now forced to contact each family and walk them through a tutorial on how to change their account name. It has required many of hours of my time over the last few weeks.


There has to be a better way. I've used TeamSnap quit a bit over the years and we never had these problems because as administrators, we could edit the user data when we knew it was wrong.


The pictures below illustrate the issue with one of our members.


The wrong profile was selected when adding to the billing group and now all the invoices that were sent don't appear in the player's profile.


I don't have the admin tools necessary to fix things in a timely manner.


Members.thumb.png.555182e6b151557683591d2a05dc3b09.png  Profiles.png 



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I have the exact same problem. It is an administrative nightmare, and have been in touch with SportsEngine support multiple times about it. It makes the whole SportsEngine experience very frustrating.


Add to this - I have players (who were new to sportsengine) had created accounts I did not see as an administrator, and became 'fans' of the team. They could see the name I could see as a rostered player, and thought they were fully registered. Then they weren't RSVP'ing, replying to messages etc.


Sign-up and administration of usernames is a really bad user experience on SportsEngine.

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I am experiencing all of this as well.  We can edit all of their Registration information.  The new mobile app feature allows coaches and team managers to add guardians to rostered athletes on behalf of sports families.  What is the reason that we cannot edit SE Profile info like name on behalf of sports families?


I have discovered that if setup is correct then the Parent profile is a Self profile and the Athlete profile is an Other profile.  However I have also discovered that is not always the case either.  I am looking at one now that Parent is Other and Athlete is Other. [confused]


Would it be possible for you to put a column in members called Profile type so that we can run reports and try to figure out how to clean up our Members databases?  Also at least then we can distinguish the parent from the child when they have entered the childs name in the parent spot. Thanks!


But I see that doesn't help with invoicing though which I have yet to use but just looked at.  Man!  The database has to be clean as a whistle with the way it is set up that you can only type in the name. [eek]   





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